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Three Free Fresh Grad CV and Resume Templates You Can Use Right Now

Matthew Du

Team Prosple
With the unemployment rate decreasing over the past couple of months, jobs are getting snatched up left and right.

The increased competition also means that as fresh grads, we’ll have to step up our game to make sure that we get the best chance of getting hired even without the professional experience. 

To do that, you’ll need a fresh, well-written, and organized resume that stands out. The best way to build an organized resume is through a template - and that’s exactly what we’re here to give you today. 

In today’s article, we’ll be providing three new resume templates for you to use completely free. We’ll be explaining why they work and giving tips for filling them out. Stick around and we promise: you’ll find a job in no time. 

Resume Tips For Fresh Grads

Not sure if the resume you have will stand out? Follow these 3 tips to build a great resume. 

Be Concise 

It takes 7 seconds for a recruiter to scan through your entire resume and determine your future. With such limited time, you should be looking to make a great first impression.

A resume doesn’t have to be your full life story. Get straight to the point and be concise in your resumes. Articles will say that you should limit your resume to two pages - but being a fresh graduate, there’s no way that you’ll have enough relevant experience to fill up a 2-page resume. 

Use Bullet Points

Bullet points guide your employers’ eyes to where you want to see them. In the little time you have to impress your recruiter, you want to make sure that you highlight the necessary skills and little experience you have in the workforce. 

When using bullet points, make sure that the sentences are simple, brief, and specific. That way, you get to the point while cutting out the fluff. Let the bullet points serve as visual markers to the important points of your resume.

Highlight Your Technical Skills

With the hundreds of resumes that recruiters have to go through, it’s only natural that they eventually develop the ability to read through the fluff. Fortunately for you, this allows you to stand out amongst your peers so long as you highlight your technical skills and quantify your achievements. 

You want to be able to identify the best examples of where you demonstrated your skills and use firm numbers that the recruiter will understand and be impressed by. You could, for example, write down how many people you supervised, how many school projects you finished, and how much money the school organization you led made in the past year. 

These examples speak heavily about what you achieved in your role and the skills your employer should expect from you. 

Resume Templates for Fresh Grads

Finally, we introduce you to the three resume templates we’ve made for fresh grads. Feel free to download, revise, and send them out to recruiters as needed.

Resume Template 1


Resume Template 2


Resume Template 3


Testing Out Your Resume

Whether you used our resume templates or created one of your own, we invite you to test out your resume by submitting applications and receiving actual feedback from recruiters through Prosple.com

As you gain more experience in the workforce, you’ll soon develop a keen sense of what recruiters are looking for. Through Prosple, we’ll help you test your resume, connect you with recruiters, land your first job, and start building your working experience.


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