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2022 Virtual Super Fairs: Helping students unlock the next step in their career

Sam Wong

Team Prosple
We at Prosple are committed to giving all students the best possible start to their careers.

One of the ways we help students is by working with the best employers in the region and inviting them to attend the career fairs, so they may interact with career-driven students and recent graduates from all walks of life.

Together with 646 employers from more than 15 industries and sectors, we were able to run a total of 18 synchronised career fairs this year. Student engagement was through the roof, with 20,991 registered students and 7,219 students who actively participated in panel sessions. 

Key learnings from our 2021 events

Looking back on a year’s worth of super fairs, we learned a handful of insights on how students view and perceive these virtual events: 

  • Students loved the career fairs! We found the format increased accessibility to students who typically wouldn’t be able to make on campus events due to location, part-time work commitments and other various factors
  • Employers like synchronised super fairs. The ability for a graduate employer to have access to students from right across the country, from various universities, all at the same time is very attractive and a cost effective way to connect with talent
  • Panel sessions were extremely popular. Students enjoyed hearing from leading employers in a Q&A panel session format. This quality content was also useful to share with students after each event.
  • Individual employer booths were a hit and miss. The most popular and well known employers tended to attract the majority of students, which meant lesser known employers often found it difficult and had limited student connections

What the new format will look like

Based on the learnings from the 2021 Virtual Super Fairs, we’re adopting a fresh new approach to connect students with employers in 2022.

Here are just some of the changes we’ve made for next year’s Super Fairs based on the feedback we’ve received from employers, universities, and students:

  • Super fairs will be split into multiple streams based on sectors with up to 5 industries represented per fair.
  • Each stream will start with a 40-min panel session, which include a facilitator and four employer representatives.
  • Following each panel session, employers will host presentations consisting of 20 minute blocks. Only one employer per stream will present at any one time.
  • Students can ask questions via a live Q&A, questions can also be gathered in advance or post the event.
  • Events will be accessible via University Career Directories, Student Societies, Social Media, Email alerts and via GradAustralia or GradNewZealand, and streamed through social media.

These super fairs will be held in months where the majority of employers in that sector are closing their job opportunities.

A number of employers have already expressed their interest in the Virtual Super Fairs. Here are just some of their most common questions:

Can I talk about something other than my graduate program in my presentation?

  • What you speak about is entirely up to you! Some of the most attended events from this year were from employers who spoke on topics other than their graduate program.

Does it have to be someone from recruitment/HR who is on the panel/presentation?

  • Who you choose to represent your organisation is entirely up to you. Some of the best panels and presentations from 2021 had current graduates or senior leaders speaking. But many students are interested in application tips and tricks, so don’t discount the value you could provide!

Can I attend both a panel session and host a presentation?

  • You most certainly can! You can also attend multiple careers fairs if you feel one stream doesn’t quite represent all that you do.

How this helps students

User testing and student surveys have indicated that this format will create better quality content for students and encourage them to learn more about industries which they may not typically think of applying for. Having multiple streams covering a wide range of industries makes it easier for students to discover new job experiences.

Your organisation can help students unlock the most meaningful next step in their career journey. If you want to connect with your target student cohort at scale this coming year, register your interest here: https://prosple.com/super-fairs/2022-expression-of-interest/

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