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Global Student Voice

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Saturday 1st of May at 10pm AEST or Sunday 2nd of May at 8am AEST
2 hours later

Make your voice heard. Shape the future of education.

Join our Global Student Voice community to learn from leading thinkers and policy makers, and your feedback provides a direct voice influencing policy decisions by governments, the education sector, and industry.

Why Get Involved?

Learn from experts and fellow peers
Global Student Voice offers virtual events for students worldwide to hear from industry experts and be inspired by the work of your fellow student peers about vital issues and skills not focused on in traditional education.

Subject matter for each event will be chosen by the students in our Global Student Voice community, letting you decide which are the most important issues to learn about and have your voice heard on.

Share your great ideas and get your voice heard

After each event, students in the Global Student Voice community can virtually split into breakout sessions with their fellow peers. These safe spaces provide you with an opportunity to learn from other students, engage in global collaboration, and discuss your thoughts about the ideas shared in the event. 

You can then provide targeted feedback after your breakout session which is anonymously passed on to policy makers and educators to get your voice heard.

Shape the Future of Education

The World is developing at an unprecedented rate and, like all evolutionary changes, new environments demand new competencies. 

Through Global Student Voice, you can participate in learning about and changing current educational structures and opportunities, including how they link to employment and participating in an equitable and prosperous world.

Gain insights and tomorrow’s skills 

The way in which, and what, students learn needs to change in order to grant your generation the skills and competencies you’ll need to thrive and compete in a competitive global technology-driven world.

Participating in Global Student Voice events gives you an opportunity to genuinely learn more about the world and build skill sets to help distinguish yourself for future employers & your CV. You’ll also be able to hear from future employers about what they’re looking for in the next generation of global citizens. Digital credentials will be awarded to active Global Student Voice community members, which you can share with future schools and employers to demonstrate your contribution to a global initiative.

Register Today

By registering, you will become a part of the Global Student Voice community and hear about upcoming events. Global Student Voice is free to participate in, will take place completely virtually, and is open worldwide to all current High School, College, and undergraduate University students (aged 14-24).

Event #1 - 1st May 2021

Our first event will be held on the 1st May 2021 and will be repeated twice - one at 8AM and again at 6PM (EDT). 

Leerom Segal (CEO & Co-Founder, Klick) will present on entrepreneurship and advice for students. Giang Nguyen (Executive Director, Harvard University Health Services) will discuss the importance of mental wellness and some tips on how students manage themselves individually and as a group during these unprecedented times. 

Students will then breakout into smaller groups to discuss the presentations with their fellow peers before providing feedback that gets passed onto educators, policy makers, and other stakeholders to get your voice heard globally.

Leerom Segal

Entrepreneur Leerom Segal launched his first business at age 12, sold his first company at 14, became the CTO of a publicly traded company before his 16th birthday, and co- founded Klick at 17. Today, the Klick Group of companies includes Klick Health, the world’s largest independent commercialization partner in life sciences, and has been growing an average 40% per annum, profitably for 23 consecutive years.

Giang Nguyen

Dr Giang Nguyen is Executive Director of Harvard University Health Services and the Henry K. Oliver Chair of Hygiene. He provides strategic vision and oversight for the department’s clinical services, public health initiatives, emergency preparedness, compliance and accreditation, health insurance compliance, and immunization compliance programs.

Become a Student Ambassador!

All eligible students can become a part of the Global Student Voice community and attend our events. You can also become a Student Ambassador, a fun and rewarding role with extra responsibilities including:

Leading the recruitment of fellow like-minded students from your school, college or university 

Moderating the breakout sessions to foster the voices of your peers and ensure a great participant experience 

In addition to helping get your friends involved, the Student Ambassador role also lets you build your CV and skillset for future endeavours. Your teacher can nominate you to be your school’s Student Ambassador, so please contact them to express interest in the role. If you have any questions about the role, please contact gsv@convergence.tech.