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Working Hours at Aboitiz Power

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
I work from home
Graduate, Taguig
Fair. 8-5 is reasonable, but what i liked the most is the no weekend policy. I came from a company with a 6 day workweek, and I never thought I would enjoy a lot an extra one day for my hobbies.
Graduate, Makati
We are on flexi-time, so we don't have to time-in and -out for work.
Graduate, Taguig City
I tend to work longer hours, but it is flexible. My leader is very flexible especially when I have personal errands.
Midlevel, Taguig
8.5 hours + some days OT.
Midlevel, Taguig
We are implementing flexible working arrangement. We can log in as late as 9 AM.
Graduate, Taguig City
The company is very flexible in terms of work hours. You can lunch out, you can come a bit early and go home a bit early as long as you work for 8 hours in total
Graduate, Taguig