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Samantha Ko

8:45 AM

After about ten alarm snoozes, I’m finally able to get out of bed. Sigh, I planned to wake up way earlier because there are quite a lot of things to do, but rest is always important. I move my yoga session to later evening.

Times like these, I’m glad I'm working from home – just a few steps away from my desk. Time to get ready in my comfiest working clothes!

 9:15 AM

It’s my dog Naicha’s birthday today. I rush downstairs to wear her new collar around her neck and take snaps of her with the birthday cake I baked last night. I hope she likes it.



About 30 minutes before work begins, I blend a few fruits I had in the freezer for a quick breakfast: dragonfruit, banana, and mango. I add in almond milk and yogurt before realizing that the yogurt is past its expiration date. I try to salvage the rest of my ingredients by scooping out as much expired yogurt as I can and then pray everything goes well after breakfast.

Verdict: super yummy, expired what?



I usually start my day by checking my email, some days I forget and remember when the day’s about to end. Yikes! Still working on it. Most emails are updates from yesterday’s work. I jot down my tasks for the day and update my planner.

So, as a QA tester, here's my to-do list for the day:

  1. Prepare test cases for at least 1 user story
  2. Update test cases for 1 user story
  3. Attend daily stand-up call
day-in-the-life-samantha-ko-1000x677-2021 (2).jpg


I send a message to our team’s business analyst to clarify some questions I had on the user story I was preparing test cases for. He replies quickly and I adjust my test case preparation accordingly.


Work, work, work (with some coffee house music playing in the background)


Time for our Daily stand-up meeting. I give updates on the tasks I've done and those I still must do. I also listen to my other teammates' updates - the developers, architect, and other testers and see if any of their updates affect my test cases.



Meeting has just ended. Time for lunch! Since I live with my parents, lunch is usually prepared by my mom. But today, we had food delivered. I quickly eat lunch, so I have enough time to prep my coffee.

Grind, tamp, pull and Voila - Friday's special:

Iced Caramel Latte

Half of my lunch break is spent making coffee. But coffee-making relaxes me and drinking it energizes me for the rest of the day.


Back to work. I continue working on the tasks I listed down for the day.

Here’s a definitely candid photo of myself while working!



Hey it's payday! I realize I wasn't able to log my hours for two days, I am also working on that. I take a short break for a quick stretch and some snacks.


I realize that I might have to update some more test cases, I ask my colleague and he confirms it. But the day’s about to end, I just work on the things that I can and move some tasks to Monday.


I'm still not done with my planned tasks. I decided to work for a bit more, so I won't have to carry over a lot of work on Monday. I also must catch up on my Drupal training for Monday.


I am finally done for the day! I quickly update my planner and list the things I must do for Monday.

Time for the weekend!


Dinner is served. I watch a couple of vlogs after eating.


Pushing through with my yoga session was the best decision ever, even Naicha thinks so too. I feel great and am so ready to hit the hay!