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Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc.

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Chow Galan

8:00 AM

I'm really not a morning person so breakfast for me would just be water then coffee and I try to schedule my physical exercises in the evening after work.

9:00 AM

Mornings usually start with an alignment meeting with the Legal-Supply Chain team but on a really interesting day, this could be an actual visit to our business partners in the Plant to check on how they are doing and to discuss the legal issues that they have.

Chow Galan 1

10:00 AM

Typically, this could be a continuation of our alignment meetings that could last until lunchtime or this could be having a bottle of freshly made Coke from the line with our business partners.

Chow Galan 2

11:00 AM

This is usually booked as "Focus Time" where I spend it on catching up with emails and doing those which are flagged as priority tasks.

Chow Galan 11am

12:00 NN

Pre-pandemic, this used to be the team's break from work where we get to share with each other some quirks at work and other funny stories to help us destress.

Chow Galan

1:00 PM

After lunch, I try to work downstairs to catch a breath of fresh air while having coffee and build up on my momentum to finish the remaining tasks within the day.

Chow Galan

2:00 PM

I go back upstairs to my other work station - a more quiet space, with my game face on to accomplish the weekly targets or urgent matters

Chow Galan 2pm

3:00 PM

I continue working on my BAUs but sometimes I set this time to conduct trainings for our business partners about compliance courses.

Chow Galan 3pm

4:00 PM

I usually set this time as a checkpoint meeting with the legal team/project team to discuss the status, address challenges and the next steps of our ongoing projects or "Work That Matters Most.”

Chow Galan 4pm

5:00 PM

Currently, with the WFH set-up this time would just be a continuation of accomplishing tasks for the week but pre-pandemic this time would usually be our working merienda where we would have our cravings delivered in the office paired with our favorite Coke beverages - like shawarma and a bottle of Coke.

Chow Galan 5pm

6:00 PM

This time is a crucial hour as it dictates what I'll be doing throughout the rest of the night. If I'm still in the middle of work then it will continue until the wee hours of the night. On the other hand, if I get to wrap up my tasks, then the next hour would mean I have time to exercise and prepare for a healthy meal while watching the evening news.