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Development Bank of the Philippines

  • #18 in Banking & financial services
  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

About Development Bank of the Philippines

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What it does: The Development Bank of the Philippines provides corporate and personal banking, development financing, and treasury and trust banking services.
Best known for: The state-owned bank is among the top 10 largest commercial and universal banks in the country. As of 2021, it ranked as the sixth-biggest bank based on total assets.
Staff stats: more than 3,000 employees
Financials: Php1.102 trillion in total assets as of 2021
The good bits: The bank encourages continuous learning among employees through projects like the DBP-Professional Advancement and Continuing Education Support Program.
The not-so-good bits: Applicants may need to wait up to three months to complete the hiring process.

The Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) story

DBP used to be known as the National Loan and Investment Board (NLIB) that was established in 1935. The state-owned bank went through several name changes until 1958 when it adopted its present name.

While DBP primarily caters to agricultural and industrial businesses, it also provides other services: corporate and personal banking, development financing, and treasury and trust banking services.

As of 2021, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas ranked DBP as the sixth-biggest bank in the Philippines. The corporation’s total assets amounted to more than Php1.102 trillion. DBP has more than 120 branches in the country.

The culture

Most employees at DBP work during regular hours from Monday to Friday. Fresh grads will find it easy to achieve work-life balance because of this schedule.

Some insiders, however, claim that the workplace culture observes an unwritten ‘Don’t ask. Just follow.’ rule. While fresh grads’ actual experiences may be different, they should remember that banks tend to have a conservative business approach.

Despite limited opportunities to be curious, DBP does encourage employees to maximize their learning potential. The Learning and Career Development Plan helps them to achieve this.

In 2019, almost 93% of employees completed at least one training session. For this reason, the Sustainable Business Awards recognized DBP’s culture of continuous learning with the Best Workforce Award.

The competition

DBP’s biggest competitors include the Bank of the Philippine Islands, BDO Unibank, Metrobank, Security Bank, and UnionBank.


In 2011, the Senate had planned to investigate DBP’s dubious loans with Delta Ventures Resources Inc. The bank granted two loans in 2009 worth Php660 million to the company owned by Roberto Ongpin.

Ongpin subsequently used most of the funds to buy DBP’s 50 million shares of Philex Mining Co. The businessman denied any irregularities with the transactions.

Social contributions

DBP’s corporate social responsibility programs focus on the environment, marginalized sectors of society, and youth. In 2019, the bank provided Php34 million in college scholarships and supported 16 outreach activities.

One of DBP’s most notable environmental initiatives also happened in the same year. The DBP Forest Program launched a 100-hectare reforestation project in General Santos City.

The vibe of the place

Fresh grads should join DBP if work-life balance and learning opportunities appeal to them more than anything else. They need to be patient, however, as the bank tends to have a tedious and drawn-out recruitment process

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process

Most internship applications at DBP begin with a written test after completing an application form. The HR representative will then interview the candidates. Shortlisted candidates will then meet with the hiring manager or department for a final interview.

Internship questions:

  • What do you know about DBP?
  • Why did you choose the corporation?
  • What do you expect from us?

Fresh grads should expect a slightly different application that may involve four steps:

  1. Initial group interview with other candidates
  2. One-on-one or panel interview
  3. Case study analysis
  4. Group presentation

Applicants should take note that the actual interview process will depend on the role. For example, aspiring bank tellers at DBP may experience an easier hiring process than candidates for management associates.

Fresh grads should also obtain a Career Service Professional or Second-Level Eligibility from the Civil Service Commission. As a government-owned corporation, DBP requires a certification for most entry-level jobs.

Applicants may have to wait for up to three months to complete the recruitment process. On the other hand, DBP may recruit interns within a few days.

Remuneration & Career Growth


DBP pays Php15,500 per month to accounts management analysts based on the government-mandated salary grade table. Management specialists earn Php17,500 per month.

Corporation-wide benefits:

  • Dental and vision coverage
  • Healthcare and medical coverage
  • Miscellaneous allowance
  • Performance-based bonus
  • Recreational fitness activities (eg cardio kickboxing)
  • Shuttle service

The bank also provides education support to qualified employees. These scholarships include the DBP-Professional Advancement and Continuing Education Support Program in 2019.

Career prospects

Accounts management analysts and management specialists are some of the most common entry-level jobs at DBP. Fresh grads of accountancy, business, or commerce may join the corporate as Accounts Management Analysts.

Information and communications technology graduates start as Management Specialists I when they join DBP. It may be difficult for graduates with a different degree to find a suitable role. The DBP usually looks for someone with at least one year of experience for other entry-level jobs

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