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Graduate Jobs at East West Banking Corporation

Philippines, Mindanao, Visayas, National Capital Region, Luzon

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We have a passion for excellence. Innovation drives our growth. We require individual initiative and promote creativity yet we work as a team. Integrity permeates the relationship we build. We value customer focus and concern for our people. We are a fast-growing full-service Commercial Bank inviting young, competent and highly motivated individuals to consider these career opportunities and grow with us.



East West Bank became the 34th commercial bank in the country when Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas granted it an authority to operate as a commercial bank on July 6, 1994 - the first commercial banking license issued in over 20 years. East West Bank's establishment is a solid testimonial of the government's policy on bank liberalization allowing greater participation of investors in the thriving financial market. Filled with desire and optimism to make a difference in the Filipino's life, East West Bank formally opened its banking doors to the public on August 1, 1994. After seven years in operations, the Bank shed off its former rising sun logo to give way to a new double infinity icon. Symbolically, the new identity represents the dawning of a new day of fresh encounters with the Bank's clients, offering them limitless opportunities and possibilities that will make their lives complete.


Product & Services

East West Bank understands that personal financial services are of high importance. We provide you with useful information, financial planning tools & better options to help you make your own smart financial decisions. From any direction, East West Bank knows quality banking service you can bank on. Take a giant step forward now, today, with a click of a button to our website. An East West Bank innovative offering, primarily designed to suit the growing complex requirements of business organizations like yours. The Corporate Suite gives you the comfort of knowing that more of your routine & tedious tasks are being taken care of, allowing you to focus on the more pressing needs of your business.East West Bank is embarking a more efficient delivery system of bank products & services through on-line branches, ATMs & soon through Phone banking, Mobile banking and Internet banking. East West Bank's ATMs are linked to the Bancnet & Megalink ATM networks
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Cultures and Values

East West Bank firmly believes that people make the difference rather than technological innovation alone. With this, East West Bank continued to give focus & attention to the development of its human resources. The Bank saw to it that it continued to hire the most competent people & continually train them, to ensure that the Bank's financial products & services are efficiently delivered to its customers.



During the year, the Bank implemented its job-levelling program for rank & file & junior officers with the objective of standardizing the job classifications of common positions across the organization. Streamlining of the compensation system to make it more competitive with the industry & laying down the foundations for career pathing and succession planning system were likewise attended to. In addition, the Human Resources Group conducted various training & organization development interventions to support the Bank's strategies on employee empowerment and relationship management, factors that are essential to achieving customer satisfaction.
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