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Beatrice Cuizon

8:45 AM

My alarm rings at 8:45 am on weekdays, with an additional alarm at 9:00 am, 9:15 am, and 9:30 am just in case. I got ready for another day interning at Emma.

9:30 AM

I opened my work computer and all necessary tabs, such as Outlook, SemRush, Microsoft Office, etc. I arranged them in groups on Google Chrome accordingly. I also made a list of important work tasks for the day. I closely work with Sleep Science, a website made by Emma. We are expected to monitor the website’s key marketing metrics, develop its content, and even improve its user experience design.


10:00 AM

I did some key tasks such as reviewing and responding to emails as necessary. Most of the time, I correspond with other Emmies who make content for Sleep Science UK, but on other days I am also reviewing some updates on our marketing metrics.

12:00 NN

I hopped on a call for the team lunch. Every week, the team I work with schedules a virtual team lunch wherein we can sit together, eat, and learn more about each other. I had some fish and spicy tofu on top of rice for lunch!

2:00 PM

I got on a call again for our bi-weekly huddle. This is a meeting we have twice a week to update each other on our projects and what aspects of such do we want to give extra attention to. Emma places great emphasis on ownership, autonomy, and challenging the status quo, so even as an intern I am highly encouraged to share my thoughts during meetings.


3:30 PM

I started to check in with the Sleep Research team who are based in Germany. I reviewed some of their single product review articles and answered any concerns they may have.

4:30 PM

I conducted a second round of research for our publication. I researched the latest trends and technologies in sleep, as well as additional information on salient sleep topics such as sleep apnea, insomnia, etc. This is quite an interesting aspect of what I do, mostly because I used to view sleep products and technologies as mundane objects. Working for Emma opened my eyes to how crucial sleep is.

5:30 PM

I took a break from work to make myself a mug of tea. I personally like ginger tea, which in my country is called “salabat”. I also took this time to stretch to avoid any body ache.

6:00 PM

I wrote some of the articles that I have placed on my pipeline. Beyond adhering to proper grammatical conventions, I have to ensure that it’s optimized for search engines (e.g. Google) as well.

7:00 PM

I checked my Microsoft Teams inbox and Outlook emails to make sure I haven’t missed out on any important messages. Once that was done, I started packing away my work items.

7:30 PM

After logging out of work, I joined friends from my university in working out. We followed some cardio dance tutorials while on Zoom.

8:00 PM

After it all, I prepared dinner. I had scrambled eggs with seasonings on top of rice. I am currently studying Management Economics in university as well, so I do a little bit of homework.

9:00 PM

I go to bed and get ready for another super cool day!