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What it does: Facebook Philippines provides social media and social networking services.
Best known for: Facebook ranks as the most popular social media site in the Philippines with nearly 76 million users as of 2020.
Staff stats: more than 400 direct and indirect employees in the Philippines
Financials: US$85.96 billion in total global revenue for 2020
The good bits: The Top 100 Graduate Employers Award recognized Facebook Philippines as the 68th best employer for fresh graduates.
The not-so-good bits: Fresh grads may not see a lot of entry-level roles at Facebook Philippines. The company seems to prefer experienced professionals for full-time jobs.

The Facebook Philippines story

More than 49 million Filipinos used Facebook even before the company established its first office in the Philippines in 2016. Two years later, the company eventually moved to its headquarters in Taguig City

By 2018, Facebook Philippines already recorded over 67 million accounts. The numbers increased to almost 76 million users in 2020. For this reason, Facebook became the most popular social media site in the country.

The culture

Facebook Philippines’ workplace culture reflects the general workplace motto: ‘Move Fast. Be Bold. Be Yourself’. The biggest challenge for fresh grads who join the company would involve multitasking.

Insiders said that a fast-paced work environment can overwhelm someone with too many things to accomplish in a limited time. On the bright side, fresh grads should consider this to be an opportunity to make their mark right away.

Young new hires don’t have to worry about making mistakes when they move fast. The company prefers employees to make mistakes ‘than to move slowly and miss opportunities’.

Facebook Philippines also joined the Top 100 Graduate Employers in the country partly because of its workplace environment.

The competition

In 2021, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg said that Apple is one of the company’s biggest competitors. Facebook Philippines also competes with LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.


Facebook Philippines has been plagued with allegations of being a hotbed of fake news. In 2020, however, the company made progress by removing one network in the country because of ‘coordinated inauthentic behaviour’.

The banned network included 64 Facebook accounts, 32 Pages, and 33 Instagram accounts. Facebook Philippines cited violations of its ‘policy against foreign or government interference’ as the primary reason.

Social contributions

In 2017, Facebook Philippines agreed to become a partner for the Luzon Bypass Infrastructure (LBI) project.

The national broadband plan aims to deliver high-speed connections via two cable landing stations. The company will provide at least 2 million Mbps of bandwidth in exchange for using the LBI.

The vibe of the place

Fresh grads should be active in keeping an eye on the latest jobs at Facebook Philippines. As the company seldom hires recent graduates for entry-level roles, it can be difficult to join the company.

Once they successfully land a role, they should prepare for a fast-paced work environment where people juggle multiple responsibilities.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process

Facebook Philippines looks for fresh graduates with problem-solving skills. In particular, the company favors applicants with a ‘builder’ mindset.

Fresh grads should expect at least four recruitment stages:

  1. Online application
  2. Initial interview
  3. Written exam
  4. Interviews with hiring team

A company executive advised fresh grads to identify their passion and know their strengths before applying for a job. Applicants often have to say something about these topics during the interview process.

The written test will depend on the advertised job. Those who pass the test will then speak with the hiring manager and/or prospective team members.

Fresh grads can apply for up to three jobs at Facebook Philippines every 90 days. The actual timeline for recruitment may take several weeks because of certain situations (eg COVID-19).

Remuneration & Career Growth


A typical employee at Facebook Philippines earns an annual salary of Php343,200. Fresh grads should take note that actual base pay depends on the role.

For instance, auditors and customer service representatives may earn between Php168,000 and Php192,000 per year. The monthly salaries of marketers and web developers range from Php19,000 to Php21,000.

Not much is known about Facebook Philippines’ benefits package, but insiders said that it includes health insurance.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, employees have enjoyed cool amenities at the Taguig office like a hidden videoke room. There’s also a game room where people can play air hockey.

Career prospects

Facebook Philippines seldom advertises full-time jobs for fresh grads and internships for students. Most entry-level roles look for people with at least five years of experience.

In case there are available opportunities, most internships and university grad programs focus on three areas:

  • Business
  • Engineering, Tech & Design
  • PhD & Postdoc

Interns should do their best because the company may recruit high-performing individuals as full-time employees.

There’s also an Engineering Bootcamp for new hires. Engineers, whether or not they are fresh grads, have to complete a six-week training period upon joining Facebook Philippines.

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