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What it does: Google Philippines supports the internet giant’s global operations by providing customer and operational support services.
Best known for: Being the most popular search engine in the Philippines
Staff stats: more than 1,800 employees
Financials: US$21.37 billion in revenue in the Asia-Pacific region for 2018
The good bits: As a top employer in the country, Google Philippines pays above-average salaries even for internships. An entry-level employee may earn around Php321,000 per year.
The not-so-good bits: Google Philippines doesn’t seem to advertise plenty of entry-level jobs for fresh grads. Most available opportunities need experienced professionals.

The Google Philippines story

Google had set its sights in the Philippine market even before it established an office. In 2012, the country became the first in the world to use Google Free Zone. The service allowed users to access Gmail, Google+, and Google search without mobile data.

Google Philippines then established its first office in Taguig City in 2013. At that time, the company aimed to build a more reliable internet connection by adopting Google’s services in the country.

The company launched another office in 2018 to expand its operations. As of 2021, Google ranks as the most popular search engine with an almost 96% market share.

The culture

Insiders believe that Google Philippines can improve its workplace environment by reinforcing its training programs. Many employees think that training sessions can be more organized with the right strategies.

Another significant challenge involves high expectations from the management. Young new hires may find it difficult to hit performance objectives during their first year.

Google Philippines’ customer-driven culture also implies that fresh grads must learn how to deal with different clients. Insiders said that the company values employees with a limitless drive to educate themselves.

Despite a demanding workplace environment riddled with tough metrics, the company continues to be a top employer. In 2021, Google Philippines ranked 64th out of the Top 100 Graduate Employers in the country.

The competition

Google Philippines’ search engine competitors include Intel Philippines, Microsoft Philippines’ Bing, and Verizon Media’s Yahoo.


In 2020, Google Philippines shifted to another vendor of outsourced call center operations. The decision happened because of an online scam. A trio of former Sykes allegedly stole more than Php60 million of Google e-gift cards and converted them into bitcoin.

Social contributions

Google Philippines updated its Google Maps in 2020 by including a modern tool that allows users to identify COVID-19 hotspots. The details include color-coded information such as red and yellow.

For example, a place marked as yellow has up to 10 cases per 100,000 people. Red-marked areas indicate at least 30 cases per 100,000 people.

The vibe of the place

It seems difficult to land a job at Google Philippines because of limited opportunities for fresh grads. Once someone does find a relevant vacancy, the next obstacles happen during a rather tedious application process.

Successful candidates should be ready for a challenging job environment. Those with superb customer service can navigate the workplace culture more easily than their peers

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process

Fresh grads may go through up to four recruitment stages at Google Philippines. Candidates should review the core skills in the job description, as many of the questions will focus on them.

Phone call

Pre-screened candidates speak to an HR recruiter over the phone. Be ready to discuss your college or university studies, reasons for pursuing the job, and relevant skills.

Aptitude test

The HR recruiter schedules an aptitude test for candidates once they pass the initial screening. The exam depends on the role. For instance, an aspiring customer support associate may need to complete oral and written assessments.

Hiring manager interview

At this point, candidates prepare for a virtual interview with the hiring manager. An on-site interview happens when the company sees no possible breach of health and safety protocols (eg COVID-19).

Final interview

The last stage may involve another interview with a high-level employee at Google Philippines. Otherwise, the company may extend a job offer within a few days after a candidate passes the hiring manager interview.

Remuneration & Career Growth


Insiders said that Google Philippines pays up to Php12,000 per month for tech internships (eg junior developers). On average, the company’s entry-level employees may earn around Php321,000 per year.

The benefits package includes financial incentives, healthcare plans, and leave policies. Many employees also appreciate free beverages and food choices at the workplace.

Career prospects

There doesn’t seem to be many career opportunities at Google Philippines for fresh grads. Most entry-level jobs consist of roles in the engineering and technology, and sales, service, and support teams.

Engineering and technology jobs include Customer Engineers. The company accepts someone with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science for the role. Other relevant technical degrees like information technology are also qualified.

Individuals with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science will stand out. The company listed the degree as a preferred qualification.

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