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Angelica Laurene Ruiz

Take interest in a lot of things so you will learn a lot of things, and socialize.

What's your job about?

My job right now is a little bit different; the responsibility depends on the project. Currently, I am in QA testing where I test the development of others. On the project that I am in now, the client has already their original [developers] and we are just the additional resources. While the developer develops the requirements. For us in QA, we plan and discuss the tasks. Since we (Hitachi resources) are sometimes not familiar with the client’s process, we try to learn it first to be familiar with what we should test.

What's your background?

There was a Career Fair in our school in our 4th year of college, I think Hitachi was there as well.

Since I do not have any idea yet about things about internships, such as absorption, I just go with the flow and submit applications to different companies.

One day while I was in class, a company from the banking industry contacted me. I was about to go for a second interview, but I had a conversation with one of my professors. He told me that if I push through with the banking industry – most likely, my exposure will just be limited to the bank as well – like my growth and learning will be limited to the industry alone. That made me think.

Then I received a message from one of Hitachi recruiters that time, inviting me – when I learned the location of the office which is on BGC, it enticed me. I have a silly stereotype in working in BGC – that maybe it’ll be nice to work here because the surroundings look cozy. So, I chose to have my internship here. I was an intern for 6 to 8 months, then was offered absorption afterwards. What I liked most about 2 my internship was that my supervisor was very hands-on. Even if we were just interns, he exposed us to real projects. Before, I thought, that if you were an intern, you would just perform clerical stuff: like printing, etc., but he really exposed us to the real work, to the real project so, that made me realize that I will really grow here. Although at times, the workload may be tiring but that also proves that you will grow here because you will be exposed to a lot of things and will handle a lot of projects – that will make you learn more.

Could someone with a different background do your job?

I think anyone can do it as long as they are willing to learn. When I was in college, I was just really chill and I was not prepared with the level of programming here in Hitachi; you will really need proper training. It is still coding but there’s a difference in how you will implement it. As mentioned, I was just very chill, I just learned through hands-on experience so I think anyone can do it as long as they have basic knowledge of any programming language and as long as they can think logically. With proper training and willingness to learn, anyone can do this.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

The cool thing about my job is I both enjoy it and get nervous because of the challenging tasks. It’s cool because you always have a lot of things to learn. I like it so much when I get to make my code work and people can use it. The accomplishment of seeing your work done even if it was very difficult. Also, I love how helpful the whole technical team is. You can talk to anyone even to the Director – they are professional, but they are all friendly as well. You can ask for help from anyone – even your seniors, they will treat you as friends.

What are the limitations of your job?

A challenge for me is researching for references and sometimes, following the business process of the client. But as I previously mentioned, everyone is very helpful so you can always turn to them if you will need assistance.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

To my college self, work hard because you will always get to the place that is meant for you. As mentioned, I was just very chill back then, but I tried to learn – so even if I never imagined it, here I am, having a stable income, good exposure, and doing great things I can really see the impact and it is very helpful. Also, take an interest in a lot of things so you will learn a lot of things. Socialize as well. Here in Hitachi, even if everyone is busy, everyone is super friendly as well if there is a time. Build connections because, from those people, you will learn. Do not doubt yourself as well, just keep on trying to learn and approach people that you can learn from, and then, I guess you will do fine.