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Sherilyn T. Dela Peña

8:00 AM

My day starts with a cup of hot chocolate drink. While sipping on my drink, I sometimes play mobile games, watch an episode of anime, browse through my Facebook and Instagram feed or read any unfinished book I have.

9:00 AM

Every day, as part of my routine I always check my email for any important updates and look over my calendar for any scheduled meetings or activities. Since I was hired just recently, I’m still in my training period and in the process of beefing up my capabilities to prepare for my upcoming project with the company.


12:00 NN

So for today, I’m attending a webinar entitled “Data Engineering Demo: Getting Started with Snowpark and Java Functions for Pipeline Extensibility - APAC”. It’s a free webinar hosted by Snowflake - a cloud computing-based data warehousing company founded in July 2012. I like attending this kind of webinar because of the knowledge that it imparts to the attendees aside from it being free, who doesn’t like free stuff right? Luckily, in Stratpoint they always host brown bag sessions and a series of training sessions for the Stratizens (referring to Stratpoint employees).


1:15 PM

Because I attended a webinar it's a little late for me to take my lunch break. I don’t usually eat this late unless needed. It’s always important to have a proper meal to fuel yourself for the rest of your day.

2:15 PM

Let’s continue learning! After a hearty meal and a well rested break I went back to my bootcamp checklist and proceeded on the next topic for my capability building. I’m actually on my second week of training. The training consists of documentations about the topic, video tutorials and a series of practical exercises.

4:00 PM

One of my colleagues set up a meeting to discuss AWS Lambda basics, attended by six (6) other trainees in our department.


6:00 PM

Wow! time really flies so fast, I have now reached the end of my working hours. Sometimes I do extend a little if I am not yet done with a topic I’m reading so I can focus on a new topic on the following day