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  • #1 in All Sectors
  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees
  • Health
  • R&D and Manufacturing

The Unilab Story

Unilab is the leading pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, and it remains to be a strong industry leader distinguished by Bayanihan – the foundation of its corporate culture.

Currently, Unilab is home to more than 300 brands of affordable top-quality products in all the significant therapeutic categories, such as prescription drugs, consumer healthcare, and personal care products. We care for millions of Filipinos with trusted brands such as Biogesic, Enervon, Neozep, Alaxan, Bioflu, Myra-E, Ceelin, and others.

We are known for our Legacy of Excellence, Commitment to Care, and Culture of Learning.

Legacy of Excellence: We are a company that always aims to do better – together. Our Bayanihan way of life will inspire YOU, as it does all of us, to constantly strive to become better, as individuals and as teams.

Commitment to Care: We belong to a family that aspires to consistently provide trusted quality healthcare through Husay at Malasakit. When YOU join UNILAB, you actively participate in our worthy cause and share in our commitment to care by bettering people's lives and the life of your own family.

Culture of Learning: We are a talent community, and our people, with their combined set of skills and knowledge, is our greatest wealth. As a learning organization, we are eager to support YOUR career development so that you are motivated to learn, grow and give your best.

Recruitment Process

Interested applicants may apply through the Unilab Careers Website.

In the website, applicants will have the opportunity to (1) view Unilab's current vacancies, along with the job description of each role, and (2) check which of those vacancies may be a match for their background, expertise, and preferences.

As a general standard for assessing applicants, the Unilab Talent Acquisition Team screens candidates primarily based on job and organization fit. Below is the profile of a distinctive Unilab employee:

  • Has excellent communication and analytical skills
  • Shows strong work ethic
  • Has a customer-oriented behavior, and is results and quality-oriented
  • Exhibits our characteristic "Bayanihan culture"
  • Has unrelenting "Husay at Malasakit" (Excellence and Compassion)

Remuneration & Career Growth

Benefits, Career Prospects, And Testimonials

The United family is our greatest asset. We owe our success to our people. This is why we reward employees with a comprehensive set of benefits and a wealth of opportunities for personal growth and professional development.

Our Employee Benefits include:

  • Competitive medical and healthcare insurance
  • Retirement savings
  • Educational assistance
  • Other benefits and perks (to be disclosed during interviews)

We also have an array of Employee Care Programs and Resources that foster a healthy balance between life and work. These include:

  • Health and Wellness sessions
  • Financial seminars
  • Special interest clubs
  • Family-centered activities
  • Other employee care programs (to be discussed during interviews)

Additionally, we boost employees’ competencies in ways that grow them better at their jobs while fueling progress towards business goals. As an organization built on the Culture of Learning, we implement ways to develop our people, give them confidence to perform better, and all in all – cultivate their self-efficacy. We do this by offering various corporate trainings and workshops that focus on:

  • Leadership, Management, and Coaching
  • Impactful Communication, Presentation, Negotiation
  • Conflict Resolution and Decision Making
  • Effective and Productive Habits at Work
  • Other training topics targeting the technical and soft skills of employees

We look after our employees. In return, they give Unilab their dedication and commitment. Read what some of our employees and interns have to say about the company:

- “I entered UNILAB as a wide-eyed fresh graduate. Almost a decade later, I can say that I’ve grown both as a professional and as a person because of the guidance and camaraderie from my mentors and peers, the presence of valuable career development programs, and the knowledge I’ve gained through experience in various roles. UNILAB has always cared for its employees, especially evident during this pandemic and other challenging situations in the past. Organizational stability, job security, and comprehensive health benefits are all increasingly valuable during these times – all of which UNILAB continues to offer in spades. I am truly grateful.” – Jan Karlo Dela Cruz, Senior Business Process Analyst (Corporate Information Technology Division)

- “I very much liked the work culture of Unilab because it felt like a closely knit family. Overall, it was a value-adding experience working at Unilab.” – Mariko Galvez, Intern (Biological Sciences Department, Medical Affairs Division)

- "I am secure in the knowledge that Unilab has my back, taking care of my basic needs, my health concerns, and my emotional well-being. I feel secure in the knowledge that I am in the right industry, protected by the company I trust… In my 35 years of service with Unilab, I know that nothing beats Husay at Malasakit, especially in these anxiety-filled, fear-ridden times.” – Rizalino Amper, Senior Manager (Manufacturing Division)

- “These trying times made me realize how fortunate and grateful I am to work with this company. It gives me comfort every morning knowing that I am being taken care of. Truly, Husay at Malasakit breathes in every fiber of this institution. I am in awe of how Unilab is continuously committed in delivering services to the community and also to the interest of its people.” – Angela Mamisao, Specialist (Finance Division)

- "I love what I do and I love the company. Because Unilab shows concern and care for its employees, I perform my job with Husay at Malasakit as well. This inspires me to keep doing my best to contribute to the company." – Carlos Verano, Senior Product Associate (Marketing Division)

- "Unilab wasn't just an internship experience. It was a family. It felt like home. More than the mobile phases prepared, tests performed, and the fact that I got the privilege to work in the top pharmaceutical company in the country, it is the friendship and memories in Unilab that helped set my perspective on the life ahead of me." - Juan Dantis, Intern (Corporate Quality Assurance and Compliance Division)

Jobs & Opportunities

Locations With Jobs & Opportunities
  • Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Hiring candidates with qualifications in
Business & Management
Creative Arts
Engineering & Mathematics
Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
IT & Computer Science
Law, Legal Studies & Justice
Medical & Health Sciences
Property & Built Environment
Teaching & Education


Alagang Laging Kapiling. Alagang Unilab 'yan!

Sa kaginhawaan o alinlangan, patuloy ang Unilab sa pag-aalaga ng kalusugan ng bawa’t pamilyang Pilipino.

Husay at Malasakit: Ako 'yan!

Sa likod ng bawat patak ng gamot at bitamina ay isang samahan ng mga ekspertong may Husay at Malasakit.

Alagang Laging Kapiling. Alagang Unilab 'yan!

Sa kaginhawaan o alinlangan, patuloy ang Unilab sa pag-aalaga ng kalusugan ng bawa’t pamilyang Pilipino.

Husay at Malasakit: Ako 'yan!

Sa likod ng bawat patak ng gamot at bitamina ay isang samahan ng mga ekspertong may Husay at Malasakit.