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Antonio Lugo Argonza III

6:10 AM

I would usually wake up at around this time. Usually, I would go to the bathroom first and then change for my office attire afterward. I would usually do it this way so that when I go downstairs, breakfast is already prepared. I usually eat breakfast for around 8 minutes. What`s important for me is that I should be able to leave the house before the clock strikes at 6:40 in the morning.


6:45 AM

I usually arrive in the parking lot at around 6:45 in the morning. This usually gives me enough time to punch in on the company`s clock system for its employees. Honestly, I actually find it amazing on my part that I have no trouble going to the company early in the morning. Way back in my college days, I usually avoid early classes since I am a night owl by nature. Whenever I step inside the office, I would usually change my shoes first before going to my table where I spend the majority of my day doing meetings, data analysis and PowerPoint presentations for documentation purposes.


8:10 AM

The usual early morning meeting. It usually lasts until around 9:15 AM. In this meeting, we usually talk about the activities in our production line and problems that we are encountering, if there are any. Personally speaking, I think this is one of the ways of our managers to get in touch with the team and at the same time give us confidence in speaking the ideas from our mind. As a member of the team, I am encouraged to present the summary report in our production line once a month, which lasts for a week.



9:30 AM

As a member of the New College Graduate (NCG) program, we are to be rotated in different teams within the Engineering department. As of now, I am assigned in the Plates Preparation team which is considered the “Heart of Lapping” in the Fabrication 1 division. As an engineer working with the team, I get to learn technical concepts which are crucial parameters of our team`s product. I usually go to the line at times after our early morning meeting to monitor the activities and sustenance concerns that were raised during the meeting.



12:00 PM

Lunch break!! It`s still the best time of the day for me. However, due to the pandemic, face-to-face discussions with friends and colleagues are not advised. Also, the canteen which was once serving a variety of food is now having a limited sitting capacity and barriers within tables to enforce covid-19 protocols.


1:00 PM

It`s back to work! I usually have meetings after lunch. These online meetings can differ from cost meetings all the way to weekly meetings with different teams as well.

2:30 PM

Around this time, I am usually busy with data analysis if there is no meeting that I need to attend to. This gives me enough time to complete my target tasks within the day. At times, I would usually review the data analysis that I`ve conducted with my senior engineer and managers. It is important for me to have my analysis reviewed by my superiors because I believe that we learn and grow from our mistakes. It is also helpful on their part since they`ll be able to gauge my learnings and guide me along the way as well.


4:30 PM

Around this time, I usually review the pending things that I need to do for the next day. I would usually take note of the things that my superiors have suggested while reviewing the data analysis with them earlier within the day. By doing this, I am having an idea on what to do the following day to approach the activity. Furthermore, I also have a one-on-one meeting with my Senior Manager at 4:00-5:00 PM on Mondays. During this session, anything under the sun goes. The topic of the discussion can be my learnings as an NCG, ongoing projects, and activities that I want to engage on to further boost my career development. Honestly speaking, I am fond of having this kind of meeting because it is also an opportunity to be guided by my superior on my ongoing activities. At times, my superior would teach me concepts and ideas that could help me on my activities. It is also a confidence boost because any concern and question will be answered by my manager.

5:00 PM

After a long day, I usually pack up my things at this time before going to the lockers to change my footwear into my casual sneakers. I would go home right away to enjoy my time with my friends and family, usually having dinner with them before going to sleep in the night.