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Why we exist…

The Hacker Exchange exists to launch epic innovation careers, by creating a generation of leaders who are global citizens and who take action to create the world they want to live in. 

These days, the rate of change in tech and at work is exponential, but we’ve seen that the rate of change in education is pretty linear (sometimes even flat…).

So we hang out at the intersection of tertiary education and innovation, delivering a new kind of learning which is intense, immersive, up-to-date, and based in the real world.

Through our global innovation programs, modular courses and community events, Hacker Exchange gives graduates the confidence, skills and networks to launch startups or innovation careers — while still accessing academic accreditation from world-class universities.

Our origin story…

Meeting over a Thursday afternoon glass of red in 2016, Bevis and Jeanette shared ideas about startups and the future of work from their perspectives on opposite ends of the globe. 

A recovering institutional banker, Bevis relocated to San Francisco working in angel investing and property entrepreneurship. Immersed in the Silicon Valley startup scene, Bevis had some questions: Where is all the diverse talent on the global stage? What needs to happen to help spread the ‘magic’ of an innovation hotspot to the talented people around the world? 

Meanwhile, Jeanette was enjoying a career in corporate innovation when she chose to go back to study UX design and launched her first business: a career consultancy. Suddenly surrounded by creative, techie and ambitious humans, Jeanette wondered… what skills and mindsets could help these talented people turn great ideas into scalable, world-changing startups?

Teaming up, Bevis and Jeanette designed a program robust enough for academic accreditation and in February 2017, they ran their first pilot program to Silicon Valley.

And today…?

In 2020, HEX is a lean, diverse Australian-based team working around the world and around the clock. We partner with awesome universities in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia, work with government agencies like Global Victoria and City of Melbourne, hang out with tech giants like Culture Amp, Google, and Zendesk; and collaborate and with great startup partners like Draper Startup House, Pause Fest, and fresh.fund.

Bragging rights…

🏆 2020 WINNER – International Employability Impact, PIEoneer Awards London

🏆 2020 WINNER – Innovation in Online Programming, GoAbroad.com USA

🎖 2020 RUNNER UP – Public/Private Partnership (with Monash University), PIEoneer Awards London


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