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What it does: IT products and services such as enterprise resource planning software, HR outsourcing, cloud adoption, SAP for SMEs and IT consulting.

Best known for: Abacus Consulting Technology claims to be a pioneer in the business transformation services industry in Pakistan.

Staff stats: More than 1,500 employees.

The good bits: Abacus provides a comprehensive compensation package that includes dental, health and life insurance, performance bonus, retirement plan, paid time off and sick leave, maternity and paternity leave, and tuition subsidy.

The not so good bits: The company only accepts male or female applicants for some positions. For instance, Abacus prefers to hire men for commercial zonal management and women for managers of health and fitness branches.

Hiring grads with top marks in: engineering and information technology; human resources and law; business and marketing; manufacturing and supply chain; communications and media.

The Abacus Consulting Technology story 

Abacus Consulting Technology has provided nine IT products and services since it was founded in 1987. These business divisions comprise business process outsourcing, cloud and emerging technologies, digital transformation solutions, human capital solutions, HR outsourcing, public sector development, SAP enterprise solutions, strategy & corporate finance and utilities transformation.                     

The company supports its product and service deliveries by having 13 industry partners including Amazon’s subsidiary AWS, Center for Creative Leadership, Mercer, Microsoft, MapR Technologies and SAP. Abacus also became AWS’ first authorised training provider in the country. The tech group has catered to more than 600 enterprise clients worldwide through its offices in five countries.

The recruitment process

Abacus recruits prospective employees through job fairs and lecture series. You can also submit an online application, after which the company will send a confirmation email. The hiring process consists of screening applicants, psychometric assessment, and an organisational fit & technical interview. 

Those who aren’t shortlisted for certain roles may be delegated to a different project-based position, which is a frequent need for Abacus. Aspiring interns should expect a written test and answer interview questions about themselves. If you apply through a university job fair, the hiring process may take three weeks.

Those who apply as business development executives should expect questions about marketing a local product to an international market, the potential problems of doing so and the corresponding solutions.

Career prospects

The company understands that employees may want to pursue a different career path. You can explore different roles in consulting, outsourcing and technology after you join the organisation. Some of the entry-level jobs that don’t require work experience include business development managers, product developers and sales specialists. 

If you have a law degree, a corporate role can progress into a management position once you have at least six years of experience. You will need to be familiar with legal issues in a specific industry such as the energy sector.


Abacus reportedly pays PKR 10,000 on average per month for interns. The median salary for Abacus associates ranges between PRK 34,000 and PKR 36,000 per month. Benefits and incentives include dental, health and life insurance, performance bonus, retirement plan, paid time off and sick leave, maternity and paternity leave, and tuition subsidy.

The culture

The company describes its work environment as dynamic, which will have an immediate impact on new employees by ‘demanding an accelerated performance’. The people are friendly based on the experience of some interns. 

     ‘I worked on an internal project that required me to establish and maintain communication with employees from various departments. I found all of them to be warm and facilitating.’

     -Mohammamd Mustafa Moeen, New York University

The competition

Abacus competes with local and multinational IT companies such as 7Vals, Net Sol, Ovex Technologies, LMK Resources and Systems Ltd.

Social contributions

The company helps entrepreneurs through the APIthons initiative that has invested in different start-up companies. Abacus also has two technology ventures to support the investments: Antlere (customer experience management software) and Cartright.pk (e-commerce and price comparison platform).

The vibe of the place

Interns and entry-level employees will benefit from a friendly workplace environment at the company. Abacus also provides competitive salaries and different benefits to qualified candidates. The company’s established customer base because of its decades-old operations bodes well for job security.

The caveats, though, include demanding tasks to serve clients. Those who can’t embrace a customer-centric work ethic will also struggle to thrive in their roles. Job applicants may find limited opportunities at Abacus, due to the preference to hire only men or women for specific vacancies.

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