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  • 100 - 500 employees

Adidas Graduate Programs & Internships

  • Retail, Sales & Consumer Goods

What it does: Adidas Philippines manufactures and sells sportswear accessories, clothing items, and shoes.
Best known for: Adidas Philippines ranks among leading sportswear brands in the country.
Staff stats: more than 200 employees
Financials: €19.84 billion in global revenue for 2020
The good bits: Adidas Philippines offers above-average salaries for entry-level roles. A retail associate, for instance, may earn Php17,000 per month.
The not-so-good bits: Adidas Philippines doesn’t advertise job opportunities for fresh grads. The company often looks for experienced professionals.

The Adidas Philippines story

Founded in 1949, Adidas Philippines supports the multinational sportswear brand’s global operations with two offices in Cebu and Manila. The company also has more than 25 retail outlets across the country.

While its physical stores help with sales, e-commerce activity is a key business driver as well. Global net sales from adidas.com.ph reached US$12.8 million in 2020.

The culture

Adidas Philippines has a relaxed workplace culture because of its casual dress code. The work shift for corporate roles involves the usual Monday-to-Friday schedule.

Sales and retail employees don’t enjoy the same work-life balance. They tend to work longer hours and take on irregular schedules. Insiders still appreciate the culture of friendliness and teamwork, especially for those who work at retail outlets.

The competition

Adidas Philippines’ biggest competitors are Nike Philippines, Skechers Philippines, and Under Armour Philippines.


In 2012, War on Want accused Adidas Philippines of exploiting factory workers in the country. The organization revealed poor working conditions and inadequate pay for workers. The Play Fair Campaign in the same year also highlighted undesirable working conditions.

Adidas Philippines responded by launching an in-depth investigation of every issue that was raised in the allegations.

Social contributions

The company said that it matches every employee’s donation to COVID-19 relief at 200%. Social distancing at retail stores remained in effect during the pandemic, while limiting the number of customers for health and safety reasons.

The vibe of the place

Fresh grads should expect intense competition once Adidas Philippines advertises full-time roles for inexperienced people. Candidates who can effectively portray the company’s 3 Cs of leadership behavior will stand out among their peers.

While the hiring process can take up to a month, the company has provided candidates with as many resources as possible to succeed in their application

Recruitment Process

Adidas Philippines takes 26 days on average to process applications. The company recruits individuals partly based on the 3 Cs of leadership behavior:

  • Collaboration
  • Confidence
  • Creativity

Fresh grads should take note of these traits, whether they’re applying for corporate or retail jobs. Most people apply online for jobs at Adidas Philippines. The general interview process involves six steps.

Online application

Fresh grads should create an account on the company’s career site to apply for jobs. This is the best way to remain updated on the latest career opportunities at Adidas Philippines.

Recruiter interview

An HR representative will interview qualified candidates. Some of the common questions include:

  • What is your understanding of the position?
  • What excites you the most about this job?
  • What was your greatest achievement?

During this round, fresh grads will also know more about the succeeding steps of the hiring process. This stage is a good time to ask questions about the target role.

Hiring manager interview

Shortlisted candidates will then speak with the hiring manager. The behavioral interview will be more detailed because it will focus on the following aspects:

  • Achievements
  • 3 Cs of leadership behavior
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Motivation

Adidas Philippines advises fresh grads to follow the ‘STAR Method’ for answering questions: Situation, Task, Action, and Results. The company said that applicants are more likely to ace interviews when they think of answers based on this method.

Hiring team interview

Another interview with the candidate’s potential colleagues may happen after meeting the hiring manager. Fresh grads should expect to conduct tasks that are relevant to the role.

These tasks may include a presentation, business or case study, or a technical test depending on the position.

Job offer

In most cases, a recruiter will contact selected candidates for a verbal job offer.


Adidas Philippines may provide fresh grads with feedback about their performance during the hiring manager’s interview

Remuneration & Career Growth


The average monthly salary at Adidas Philippines ranges from Php15,000 for entry-level roles to Php75,000 for management positions.

Retail sales associates earn Php17,000 per month on average. Administrative assistants’ monthly salaries range between Php17,000 and Php19,000.

Insiders said that employment benefits may include:

  • Access to corporate credit cards
  • Employee discounts (eg 40%)
  • Health maintenance organization (HMO) coverage
  • Training programs; and
  • Travel and wellness allowance.

Career prospects

Fresh grads will find it difficult to land entry-level jobs at Adidas Philippines because the company often seeks experienced professionals. For instance, a retail operations specialist should have at least two years of relevant experience.

Fresh grads with marketing degrees are more likely to find jobs in retail operations. The company, however, also accepts individuals with any college or university degree for certain roles.

Someone with at least five years of technical experience in the apparel industry can join Adidas Philippines as an assistant manager.

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