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Eros Nikkai Dela Torre

Eros Nikkai studied a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Batangas State University in 2019, and is now an Associate at Bayer PH

8:00 AM

Alarm time!!! This may look late for some, but in my day this time best fit for me to start hustling. I usually start my day checking my phone and then getting ready to start my work by wiping off the dust on my working table, laptop, and monitor. Also, I feed my pet guppies and make sure they are full before I focus on work. For breakfast, I do not take heavy meals, just a taho and a cup of warm Milo can get me through the morning.


9:00 AM

This is the start of my official workday. For the first hour of my day, I always check all my emails and tickets that I receive from the clients and the employees of Bayer. There is no uniform concerns or activities every day, what comes will be done. And some of the tasks are already available the day before, so using the Microsoft To-Do application and sticky notes, help a lot for me not to forget the activities that I must finish for the day. I find it really fulfilling whenever I help the employees of Bayer with their issues on their training.


10:30 AM

This is what I personally call the “Meeting Galore Hours”. We have this company initiative that as much as possible we start our meetings 10 AM onwards every day to give us time to check on our other activities after opening our laptop. So far this has been effective for me. The meetings usually take place until the lunch period of the day.


12:00 PM

Lunchtime is my favourite time of the day. Aside from I get to eat food, I also get to rest and take a nap during my free time. Having a break after answering every concern and issue within the day really helps me to refresh and face my laptop again for the afternoon hustle.

1:00 PM

I make sure to come back to work an hour after my lunchtime. If there is a case that I took late lunch, I just adjust the time and have one hour break. I am very thankful that we have flexible working hours for us to manage our workloads more efficiently.

During this hour, what I get done is the training administrations and keeping and updating of all the training records of Bayer employees. Also, what usually happens during this hour is more meetings and other engagement activities for our team. Bayer makes sure that we still have a chance to catch up and talk to our colleagues by setting up whiteboard sessions, engagement, and team meetings. This is also my favorite part of the day because I get to talk to my teammates after a busy morning and throw jokes with each other. It may sound like we do not take the meetings seriously, but we just make sure that we still have fun even if we are talking about work. This way the ambience of the team is still light.


4:00 PM

COFFEE TIME!!! This is when I take my afternoon 30-minute break. What I do during this time is check my social media accounts and play with my phone. If there is still more time, I take a nap. Nap is very important for me.


4:30 PM

I come back to my workstation and get my other activities done.

6:00 PM

This is my most favorite part of the day! As I get to lay down on my bed again :D Before turning off my computer, I make sure to list my to-dos for the next day and check if there are still activities that I overlooked. Once I made sure that everything is done. I turn my laptop off and wipe off again my working table for any accumulated dusts.