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Marie Julliene Solidum

8:15 AM

My alarm goes off and I wake up and see my dog staring at me, waiting for me to finally get up and pet her. What a nice way to start the day! I go out of my room to play with her and my baby nephew (they’re best friends!)


8:30 AM

After playing with them, it’s time to boost up my endorphins. I squeeze in a quick workout, usually cardio with a little bit of yoga. I noticed that my productivity levels are higher when I start my day being active, so as much as possible, I always try to sweat in the morning.


9:30 AM

After working out, I eat a light breakfast. I grab a piece of doughnut from my birthday celebration yesterday—just enough to give me energy until lunchtime.

day-in-the-life-julienne-solidum-1000x677-2021 (2).jpg

9:45 AM

It’s finally time to prepare for work. Since most of my teammates are from India, I start working a little late to match their working hours. I take a bath and change into comfortable clothes. My meetings are all off-cam so it doesn’t matter what I wear. During busy days, however, I try to put on some nice clothes and light makeup just to make me feel as if I’m really working in an office. It helps me stay focused.

10:00 AM

The first thing I do when I turn on my laptop is to read emails and WhatsApp group chats. One of my tasks as an EPC/CPQ Configurator is to troubleshoot defects raised by the testing team. They are usually discussed in WhatsApp so it’s important that I read everything that I can regarding the defect so I could be prepared for my first meeting.

day-in-the-life-julienne-solidum-1000x677-2021 (3).jpgv

10:30 AM

I need to join my first meeting now. This is the Core Team discussion where we talk about issues from all teams. I generally just listen here and let the bosses talk, but when there’s a pending defect handled by me, then that’s when I speak up and discuss the solution.

11:45 AM

Ideally, I have a 30-minute break before my next meeting, but since the core team discussion always extends, I usually only have around 10 minutes—just enough for a restroom break.

12:00 NN

My second meeting is the daily standup call with my teammates in the Development Team. We discuss what was done yesterday, whether we faced any issues or not, and what to do today. Our team head shares with us new business rules and product designs that we need to configure, and then divides the tasks equally among the team members.  I always take notes in this meeting so I wouldn’t forget or miss any detail regarding the tasks assigned to me.


1:00 PM

Right after the meeting, I chill for a few minutes just to allow my mind to rest a bit and absorb everything that was discussed this morning. I eat lunch and quickly grab coffee with my sister.


2:00 PM

Back to my mini-office at home and I start doing the tasks assigned to me earlier today. I need to finish the tasks as soon as possible to avoid delays in the deployment (also so I could rest early later!) 😊

4:00 PM

Finally done with my development tasks! This is my favorite time of the day because this is when I eat merienda or whatever snacks I crave. Today, I’m eating strawberry ice cream, which is also leftover from my birthday celebration yesterday.


4:15 PM

I get a call from one of the members of the testing team. Another defect! I need to fix this before the day ends!

5:30 PM

I spent more than an hour trying to fix the defect but to no avail, so I decided to call a friend. Luckily, I have approachable teammates who are willing to help me with anything. Together, we were able to address the issue. 😊

7:00 PM

Work is finally done! Time to turn off the laptop and eat dinner and watch TV with my family. Another favorite time of the day!

9:00 PM

Once I finish cleaning myself up, I call it a day, tuck myself (and my dog) into bed and watch Netflix until we both fall asleep.