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Ma. Rocela Rosecha D. Avendano

7.00 AM

I start my day with breakfast and coffee. I watch YouTube videos while eating breakfast. I love coffee in the morning even if I am not sleepy, I just love it. After breakfast, I washed the dishes and cleaned my workplace.

8.00 AM

Around this time I usually take a bath or take a half-bath just to prepare myself for work. I wear t-shirts on days like this. It is an online or work-from-home internship so t-shirts are allowed. I opened my laptop this early.

Rocela 1

9.00 AM

I opened my Stratpoint email. I usually start checking emails and google drive around this time. I check google drive for new uploads that are related to one of my tasks. Then, I open my Gather, which is a virtual office where we can easily talk and share screens with fellow Stratizens.

10.00 AM

Rocela 2

Monday has HR Weekly Sync-up where the HR team updates how last week went, the projects and tasks that they work with, and their goals for the upcoming week. We talk using Google Meet or at the virtual office at Gather. I was assigned to the Learning & Development, and the manager gave me instructions and a briefing with my tasks for the day.

11.00 AM

I continued doing my task and the manager asked if I encountered any problems with my tasks. She usually asks me if everything is okay or if there is anything unclear with the instructions.

12.00 NN

This is the start of my lunch break. Since I am an intern, I work from 10:00 to 5:00 PM, with an hour lunch break and two 15-minute breaks.

2.00 PM

I took a break from work and grabbed a cup of coffee. This helps me relax and rest for a few minutes.

Rocela 3

5.00 PM

My shift ends and I finish some of my tasks before logging out. After my shift, I will check my phone for updates from school and reply to my friends. I play mobile games on my phone because it is entertaining. Sometimes I pick up my guitar and play a few songs. After all of this, dinner is served and it is official rest time.

Rocela 4

That’s one of my days at Stratpoint Global Outsourcing Inc! Nothing fancy happened but I work with a bunch of nice people that treat me well even if I am an intern. Till next time!